Fred Astaire of Doom

2min / 2h Game Development Challenge

A group of new Business Information Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences were introduced to the game development club, and as part of the introduction, the students where given a pen, a piece of paper and two minutes to design a game. The reward for the best idea was that a team of older students would then make that game a reality in a couple of hours.

Smash the space key to slow down the leprechaun. Avoid the shoes and get to the gold. Remember to click the game window the get the focus on it.

My contribution to the project was programming.

Play in browser



XNA project for XBox360. Participant in Dream. Build. Play. 2010. Fly a spacecraft and fight hordes of self-repairing and rebuilding nanobots.

The game was made by a team of seven people. My contribution to the project included game design and programming.


My first ever game, right after my first programming course and my first 3d modelling course at TAMK. A 2d, black and white sword fighting game with permadeath. In Finnish, and the gameplay mechanics are somewhat complicated. An interesting feature of note is that the opponents are other players’ dead characters.

Made by a team of three people in 2009. My contribution to the project was game design and gameplay programming.

Game site (in Finnish, and the Java Web Launch may not work with modern version of Java)

lieva_haava horjutus

A rendered intro/teaser made before the game as a course project: