The Music of Erich Zann

The Music of Erich Zann, coming soon to Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store, is a game base on a story by H.P. Lovecraft of the same name. It’s a story about a mute viola player who fight mysterious forces from behind his windows by playing wild tunes with his viola, and if you’re not familiar with the story, don’t worry because the app comes packed with the story as an illustrated audiobook.


Based on the story, we made a music-driven game where you stop incoming notes and collect powerups by selecting the appropriate horizontal line before they reach the other side of the screen. Miss a note, and the line becomes blocked for a few seconds, and miss an Evil eye symbol, and it’s game over. The gameplay is driven by the soundtrack, reading the pitch and changes in volume, and the player can even supply his own music to play against.


Sword & Glory

A freemium sword fighting game with rpg elements, permadeath and highly stylized, black and white visuals for iOS and Android. Has currently 4½ star rating in both AppStore and Google Play.

  • Made with Unity
  • Custom shaders
  • Custom web-based tools for content creation
  • In-app purchases
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Sharing characters on Facebook
  • Flurry analytics
  • Match replays with Everyplay (iOS only)
  • Published by Ifelse Media Ltd. 2012

Five people participated in the development of Sword & Glory. My contribution to the project included being the project lead, game design, programming and combat animations.

iTunes / Google Play

Meteor Impact

Missile command clone with vector-like graphics for iOS and Android.

  • Made with Unity
  • GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
  • Flurry analytics
  • Published by Ifelse Media Ltd. 2011

The game was developed by a team of three people. My contribution to the project included game design and programming.

iTunes / Google Play